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USA - Connecticut

Elaine DeCarlo

Elaine DeCarlo and Roberto.
Norwalk, CT - USA

Elaine DeCarlo
Animal Communicator,
Psychic, Light Worker
Reiki Master.

Interspecies communication
by email or phone
with living or deceased animals.

Compassionate and Intuitive Services include help with:

  • Animal Communication

  • Missing or Lost Pets

  • Behavioral Issues

  • Health-related Issues

  • Transitioning Guidance

  • Grief Associated with Pet Loss

  • Past life Exploration

  • Reiki Sessions

  • and more. . .


My goal is to help strengthen 
your energetic connection with
your animal companions.

I take great personal interest
in each and every client.

It is an honor to be a channel
between you and your beloved pet
no matter the situation or stage of life
you and they are sharing.

Nedda Wittels

Nedda Wittels and Echo, her teacher.
Nedda Wittels and Echo, her teacher.
Simsbury, CT - USA

Nedda is the creator and moderator of
the Animal Communicator Forum.

Nedda Wittels, M.S., M.A.
Animal Communicator, Light Worker,
Multidimensional Intuitive Healer,
Spiritual Coach,
 and Teacher.

Animal Communication by phone or Skype.

Private Services:

  • Distance Animal Communication
  • Distance Multidimensional Intuitive Healings (animals and humans)
  • Akashic Record Consultations
  • Spiritual Coaching/Empowerment
  • Private Mentoring for AC Professionals

Animal Specialties:

  • All types of animals in all kinds of situations.

  • Missing animals communication and coaching.

  • Healings for animals.

  • Choosing flower essences.

  • Referrals to appropriate alternative healing systems.



  • Resolve behavioral problems.

  • Connect with a missing animal.

  • Heal emotional issues.

  • Resolve conflicts between animals.

  • Help new animals integrate.

  • Prepare for upcoming life changes, e.g. moving, new pet in the family, etc.

  • Say "goodbye" when the animal is transitioning to spirit.

  • Complete unfinished business when the animal has already transitioned; help with grieving.

  • Improve training situations.

  • Improve breeding situations.



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